Fashion club begins to prepare for safari fashion show

Today, Tuesday October 6, 2009, the Fashion Club at Cherry Hill East held their first meeting of the year. About 25 students attended the meeting where plans were made for the safari themed fashion show that the club will perform on April 16, 2010.

A documentary was also shown about a teenage girl named Samantha Myers, who has a passion for fashion. Myers has Familial Dysautonomia (FD), a rare genetic neurological condition that affects the sensory and autonomic nervous systems, and causes numerous complications throughout the body. Her story was shared to the club because a portion of the proceeds from the fashion show will be donated to FD research.

The club meets at least twice a month to not only prepare for the fashion show, but also to discuss fashion trends. Many students attend the meeting simply to learn more about the fashion industry. According to Fashion Club member Justin Wachman (‘10), the club is basically the only way for students at East to learn about fashion.

“A lot of kids in the school want to study fashion in college. But besides art classes, we don’t have any fashion related classes at East. The club gives an opportunity for students interested to learn about fashion,” said Wachman. The club will have its next meeting on October 27, where hairstyle, makeup and clothing ideas will be discussed for the show.