Fall Blood Drive runs smoothly

East ran another successful blood drive on Nov. 11-12.

“The blood drive is something we do as an East community that gives back to the region,” said Mr. CJ Davis, advisor of the blood drive committee.

The drive’s theme was “Just Donate,” based on the Nike slogan, and as usual, many students were eager to contribute. This year about 270 students signed up.

Unfortunately, many students were deferred. Deferrals occur when a student has signed up to donate and, on the day of the drive, is turned away for a variety of reasons, such as not meeting the weight requirement or having too low of an iron content. The drive saw about sixty students deferred, which is about twice the normal amount.

“[These were] extenuating circumstances that we don’t usually see,” Davis said.

Nevertheless, East managed to collect 228 productive units, meaning pints of blood, which was close to the goal of 240.

This year, the blood drive committee was composed of eight students, lowered from ten in previous years.

“We worked with less chairpeople [so] we had less sponsors,” said Sofia Gracias (’15), a donor chairperson.

Gracias said that despite having less money and donations than usual, the drive went smoothly.

In addition to the student committee, another nine students volunteered each day of the drive. Their responsibilities included checking people in, bringing people food, and being “hand-holders” for donors.

Because the committee lasts for the duration of the calendar year rather than the school year, students will soon have the chance to interview for the 2015 committee, which will coordinate the spring blood drive and next year’s fall drive.

The spring blood drive will be April 21-22.

“We usually get more donors [at the spring drive] because more sophomores can donate,” said Gracias.

“I want to encourage more and more students to give blood,” said Davis, “If students are afraid I think they need to face their fears and do something for the greater good.”