Environmental Awareness Club holds second meeting

Today, Thursday November 12, Nickee Plaksen (’10) and Shayna Golkow (’10) led the second meeting of the Environmental Awareness Club after-school. The club made posters to hang around the school to inform students and teachers about the little things they can do to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

The club also planned many things to do in the future to help the community become more “green”. For example, the club is going to collaborate with the biology teachers and Aramark to collect food scraps to place in the composter which biology teachers created with the Sustainable Cherry Hill East Club last year. The club also plans to visit elementary schools to educate the grade-schoolers about environmental impact to better prepare them for the future. Lastly, the club plans to have a battery drive to dispose of batteries in a cleaner, more effective manner and to collect plastics of the 3-7 groups, as they cannot be recycled in Cherry Hill, but only in Collingswood.