Engineering Club has marshmallow tower competition

The Engineering Club met once again after-school to make towers, not with welded metal framework, but with toothpicks and marshmallows. About twenty to thirty high school students, mostly underclassmen from the QPS and Chemistry Honors classes met in C318 today after school. The group’s leaders, Jen Ho (’11), Catherine Yu (’11), Iris Lee (’11) and Allison King (’11) gave the group a demonstration and then let the club members split into five different groups to compete in building the tallest tower using the sticky white sweets. After judging the towers, club member Vivian Qin (’11) and King discussed the basic structure necessary and tips to maximize the toothpick towers’ heights.

King describes the club as “hectic, but [feels that] most people have fun”.  And the club will have even more fun when, two weeks from today, the group meets for the last time of the year for an end-of-the-year party.