Eastside wins 18 awards at GSSPA conference

Twenty members of the Eastside editorial board spent the day at Rutgers University for the Garden State Scholastic Press Association (GSSPA) conference on Monday, Oct 27.  The GSSPA conference, which included journalism and yearbook students from all over the state of New Jersey, began at 8:55 am and lasted until 2:10 pm.  Throughout the course of the day, there were six sessions with multiple topic areas to appeal to different aspects of journalism and yearbook.

The keynote speaker for the GSSPA conference was Tim Harrower, author of The Newspaper Designer’s Handbook and Inside Reporting, a book used by East Journalism students.  Harrower put together a presentation on effective newspaper layouts. 

“We always have the same goal – (to) attract eyeballs.  The second goal is to deliver information,” said Harrower.

Harrower’s 55 minute presentation included eye-catching designs that could be used to motivate the students’ creativities.

“A rule to remember is to rework the idea, don’t just reprint the page…Innovate, don’t just imitate,” said Harrower.

Also at the GSSPA conference, Eastside 18 awards, the second most number of awards Eastside has ever won at the GSSPA conference.  The awards are as follows… 

First place in COLUMNS: Drew Berlinsky (’08) — “The I in Team” sports columns 
First place in EDITORIALS: Editorial Board — Red Ribbon assembly editorial 
First place in EDITORIAL CARTOONING: Craig Malamut (’08) — Cartoon about Red Ribbon assembly  
Second place in SPORTS: Noah Cohen (’09) — Jacob Moskowitz karate story 
Second place in EDITORIALS: Editorial Board — Editorial about security’s tightened grip (the gates, etc.) 
Third place in PHOTOGRAPHY: Nickee Plaksen (’10) — Photo of Spanish exchange students talking 
Third place in COLUMNS: Craig Malamut (’08) — “Science Rules” (or “Craig Nye the Science Guy”) columns 
Third place in ARTWORK/ILLUSTRATIONS: Craig Malamut (’08) — Art for Entertainment story about sequels 
Third place in EDITORIAL CARTOONING: Craig Malamut (’08) — fire drill comic 
Third place in REVIEWS: Jason Cominetto (’10) — Review of Bullet For My Valentine CD (appeared online) 
Third place in OVERALL EXCELLENCE: Eastside Editorial Board 
Honorable Mention in REVIEWS: Joe Pottackal (’09) — Review of Cheeburger, Cheeburger 
Honorable Mention in PHOTOGRAPHY: Karina Korneyeva (’10) — High jump photo 
Honrable Mention in REVIEWS: Jason Cominetto (’10) — Review of The Sammus Theory CD (appeared online) 
Honorable Mention in SPORTS: Sharon Shapiro (’09) — Colin Lawler story 
Honorable Mention in NEWS: Amanda Michelson (’10) — Shipley (mock trial) story 
Honorable Mention in NEWS: Jami Goldschneider (’09) — Bloomingdale’s fashion contest story 
Honorable Mention in FEATURES: Megan Kimmel (’11) — Sarah Harris personality profile 

Congratulations to Eastside!