Eastside Art and Photo meets in F087

The Art and Photo sections of Eastside met in F087 today, November 9 2010, after school to discuss art and photo assignments for the December issue of Eastside.
After a quick introduction, the students separated into their respective groups: art or photo.
The art section had some difficulty giving away a few of their assignments. “A lot of people said they couldn’t draw people,” said art director Danielle Hu (’11), “so we had some [assignments] left over.”
Additionally, art directors Hu and Kevin Cook (’11) decided to wait for more information on some of the stories before giving out the art assignments.
“For the photo side, we got most of our assignments out, which was good,” photo editor Mia Holley (’12) said. Although the meeting did not take very long, Holley was pleased with the outcome.
“We got a lot of the same people as the first time, which was nice. Everyone made an effort to come out, and we really appreciate that,” Holley said.
After assigning stories, photo editors Holley and Ben Taylor (’11) explained their idea of having a photo editor blog on tumblr, where all of the photo people can put up personal bios and photographs of themselves. “It’s so we can have our own thing going on,” Holley explained.
The tumblr site is eastsidephoto.tumblr.com.