East’s Woodstock Spring Blood Drive preview


Ella Hampton

Student are offered food, drinks, a T-shirt and more to donate.

On Tuesday, March 7, and Wednesday, March 8, Cherry Hill High School East’s Spring Woodstock-themed Blood Drive will be held in the annex.

In order to prepare for this blood drive, the chairperson team has been meeting multiple times a week to figure out the final logistics including promotion ideas, restaurant food donations and most importantly, the list of donors. 

“Our goal is [to reach] 200 student donors and 70 community donors this year,” said East’s Overall Blood Drive Chairperson Kyle Lehrfeld (‘24). 

So far, the chairpeople have gotten 206 student donors and 67 donors from the community. The community drive will be held after school on Tuesday. This year, the team has focused on ensuring they accomplish their community goal, which has yet to be done in the past few drives. 

Along with overall chairpeople Kyle Lehrfeld and Zach Pasternack (‘24), there are an additional eight chairpeople made up of sophomores and juniors. The role of these students is to plan the drive and assist throughout the day of the drive, making sure that each donor feels comfortable. 

“We’re [all] essentially just there to guide you through the whole process!” said Lehrfeld. 

Students over 16 are encouraged to donate through the use of incentives like special prizes. After donating, they receive a $10 Amazon gift card, free snacks, a shirt to commemorate their achievement and are entered for a chance to win the Red Cross’ giveaway of $3,000 in cash. 

Both of this year’s overall chairpeople applied for their leadership positions this past December.

“It was just something that seemed interesting to me, and since I first started helping I’ve just fallen in love with it. It’s an amazing experience that is not only fun but helping our community as well,” said Lehrfeld.