East’s Science Olympiad team #1 places 2nd overall in regional competition


Courtesy of njscienceolympiad.org

East students earn recognition in the Science Olympiad Competition.

Eastside Staff

The following is a list of Science Olympiad members at East who won medals at the last competition.  Congratulations to those mentioned below and the achievements of East’s Science Olympiad participants. 

  • Kaitlyn Boyle (11) and Grace Shen (12) placed 3rd in Anatomy and Physiology
  • Peter Ma (11) and Jake Walsh (12) placed 3rd in Astronomy
  • Eric Kim (11) and Raj Patel (12) placed 5th in Bridge Building
  • Kevin Chen (11) and Maryia Oreshko (11) placed 1st in Chemistry Lab
  • Miku Fujita (12) and Eric Kim (11) placed 1st in Electric Vehicle
  • David Kwon (10) and Jesse Wu (11) placed 6th in Electric Vehicle
  • Saikat Das (10), Angela Sun (12) and Dana Yi (11) placed 1st in Experimental Design
  • Ryan Bogutz (11), Vivian Sun (10) and Lily Yang (10) placed 2nd in Experimental Design
  • Anna Qin (11), Grace Shen (12) and David Yang (12) placed 4th in Protein Modeling
  • Kaitlyn Boyle (11) and Elizabeth Qian (11) placed 4th in Write It Do It