East’s new Fashion Club plans for 2010 fashion show

Everyday after school students in jeans and t-shirts leave the building and head home for an afternoon snack. However, today, Thursday, March 26, was an extra trendy day for hungry students.

East’s new Fashion Club hosted it’s first bake sale in front of the auditorium. The donuts, cookies, brownies and assorted homemade goods were all one dollar.

Describing the large crowd huddled around the table at 2:34, club treasurer Justin Wachman (’10) said, “It’s the first 5 minutes and everything’s gone!”

The club is proud of its approximate 20 members, especially since they’ve only had 3 meetings. Plans so far have included ordering t-shirts, which are being made by American Apparel, a wholesale sweatshop-free company.

Wachman also said the club expects to host a fashion show set for January 2010. The club seemed excited for their show, even though it won’t take place until next year.

President Sami Kofsky (’10) is overseeing the plans and details for the show. The fashion show will feature designers and businesses outside of East students in order to show off the hottest trends for the 2010 prom season.

The club’s fashion show will replace the DECA and Multi-Cultural Day fashion shows.