East’s French Department goes to Québec City, Canada

Students and Chaperones stop for a picture in front of the Snow and Ice Hotel.

Courtesy of Madame Griffo

Students and Chaperones stop for a picture in front of the Snow and Ice Hotel.

32 students within East’s French classes had the opportunity to go to Québec City, Canada, and explore the city’s history, food, and popular activities. The four days and three nights of their stay at the Delta Hotel were full of new adventures each day; adventures the students will always cherish.

Some of the trip’s festivities included viewing the beautiful city, exploring a hotel made of snow and ice, shopping at multiple different locations, attending Québec City’s Historical Tours, and going tubing, Dog Sledding and tobogganing.

Madame Griffo has been organizing this trip every two to three years for East students since she came to East in 2015. Griffo designs the trip each year to expose her students of all levels to the authentic Québec culture. Additionally, aspects of the trip connect directly with the French curriculum.

“I want my students to appreciate the culture and truly take it all in,” said Griffo.

Much of the beautiful scenery that surrounded East’s Students throughout their trip. ( Abby Goldman (‘23))

The trip allows the students to take their knowledge and apply it outside of the classroom. Each day of the trip, Griffo allowed her students some free time in which they could purchase food on their own, go shopping and further explore the beautiful city. The students had to be able to communicate with shopkeepers and others they came in contact with.

Sisters Kelly (‘25) and Andie Awaida (‘24) excitedly attended the trip after being invited by Madame Griffo.

“Everything was so beautiful and so perfect,” the Awaida sisters said. “It was something [we] have never done before and it was a lot of fun”.

This trip was a great experience for the students to bond with the culture because it allowed them to try new things, taste foods that represent the culture, and see the architecture of the buildings and houses.

It was a fun, educational, and bonding experience for all of the students who attended. The Awaida sisters shared that if possible, they would do this trip every year!

The French Department’s students would like to thank Madame Griffo and Madame Phillips for guiding them through their educational journeys, as well as everyone who made this special trip possible.

Summarizing Québec in one sentence,Griffo said,”[The trip] was truly amazing and will be remembered by all.”