East’s first Red and White Competition concludes


On Friday, May 1, Cherry Hill East hosted its first-ever Red & White Night. Red & White Night wrapped up the Red & White Competitions that have been going on for the past three weeks during lunch breaks. The theme was Good vs. Evil, the White Team being good and the Red Team being evil.

Over the past three weeks of competition, there were approximately 850 participants total (many students participated more than once). The teams earned points based on spirit, organization and victory. At the beginning of the night, the White Team led the competition with 18 points for winning competitions and 13 points for spirit and organization. The Red Team trailed by only 1 point with 14 points for winning competitions and 16 points for spirit and organization. Some of the competitions during lunch breaks were 3 point shootout, Jenga, Gaga ball, knockout and mental math competition.

“I think they were great competitions. They were a great hit and a lot of fun. We would love more suggestions for future competitions,” said Noah Shalit (’17), sophomore White Team captain.

At Red & White Night, there were captains’ skits, which were short dances that the captains of each team put together and performed, and competitions. The competitions included tire pull, human carry, dizzy izzy and many more. There were two finals from competitions during lunch breaks:3 point shootout and arm wrestling. Mr. Mike Melograna, Physical Education/Health teacher, got pied in the face.

“I think this is really awesome. There [weren’t] as any people as we’d hoped there would be, but hopefully more people will come out in years to come,” said Terry Hill (’15), overall Red Team captain.

The White Team won the overall competition.

According to Guidance counselor and Red & White Competition co-advisor, Mr. Bert Figueroa, there will be another Red & White Competition next year.