East students have a blast at FROSH


Jillian MacHenry ('20)

East students have a great time dancing at FROSH.

Wearing suits and dresses, freshmen and their many dates attended the class of 2023’s FROSH dance in Cafe 2 last Friday, January 10th. The theme was “glow in the dark,” strewn with pitch-black sheets everywhere, led lights, glow in the dark sticks, rings and balls, along with silver shiny streamers and colored lights. If one were wearing white, they practically glowed!

Sweets, like cookies, were served, as well as plenty of fresh fruits including melons and grapes, along with hot trays of chicken tenders, pigs in a blanket, mac and cheese bites and salads. The tiniest little water bottles were kept cold in a huge ice tray, refreshing to drink in a night full of dancing.

“The songs are especially good this time around, cause I was not just sitting around,” said Christopher Wallace (‘20), one of the many students who were jumping around near the DJ stand.

An eclectic mix of songs constantly flowed, from artists ranging from Abba to Cardi B. The DJ even played “Taki Taki” by Ozuna and “Promise” from the infamous Spanish singer Romeo Santos!

“And [the DJ] had a fog gun,” exclaimed Gina Liu (‘23), president of the class. She worked hard helping with decorations, along with Siddarth Pejavara (‘23) and Kiran Muttathil (‘23), who split up in taking care of the food and decorations as well.

Liu kept getting lost in the crowds, and students enjoyed the excitement while being able to interact with everyone.

“I loved the fact that everyone was dancing and that there were many mosh pits,” said Pejavara (‘23).

Kiran Muttathil (‘23), who took a major part in getting everything glowing, enjoyed her first high school dance. “I had fun! It was very cool to walk around and see everyone you know and chat for a little bit. Overall it was a really good experience, especially as a freshman because I didn’t know what to expect coming to my first high school dance. I thought it was awesome to see all the classes represented there [with their dates] and it was a great opportunity to introduce the class of 2023 to the rest of the school.”

The dance ended around 10 pm, and teachers gave free shirts designed with neon letters that glowed “FROSH.”  Even seniors who attended the freshmen dance had an eventful evening.

“Honestly, I’d say that if dancing is your thing, FROSH is a great dance to go,” said Diego Martinez (‘20).