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East students celebrate Black History Month through East activities

Photo by Manar Hadi (‘25) / Eastside Opinions Editor
Mrs. Yanell Joseph speaks in front of East students on Unity Day honoring MLK.

Every year from February 1 to March 1, the struggles and triumphs of African Americans throughout American history are remembered and celebrated. Black History Month recognizes the cultural heritage, achievements and sacrifices of the African American community.

This month-long celebration is recognized by the entire country, and Cherry Hill High School East is doing its part to draw attention to the rich history of African Americans.

Various East clubs organized activities and events to celebrate the history of the Black community at East. The most prominent plans were created by the African American Culture Club as well as the Social Studies Honor Society.

Jenna McGovern (‘24), Vice President of the Social Studies Honor Society, explained how they have put together a year-long project for each of the heritage months.

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“We have a bulletin board that’s across from the lecture halls that people in Social Studies Honor Society can sign up to decorate for each history month,” said McGovern. “The assigned decorators will put up pictures and infographics about important dates like Juneteenth and important figures like Martin Luther King Jr. to tell the great stories from African American history.”

McGovern also explained that they are looking to have members choose an important figure from Black history and create a poster about them to hang in first floor B-Wing, the social studies wing.

“Learning about the past and history is so important. We need to keep the stories alive of important figures in history who have trail blazed a path in society,” said McGovern.

Aside from the honor society, the African American Culture Club has been working to spotlight this month for the East community. First and foremost, President Ciara Robinson (‘24) and Vice President Kristin Maye (‘24) shared how they continued the tradition of Black History Month morning announcements each day in February.

Robinson said, “We want[ed] to highlight people who we may not be taught about in class, but we still think are really influential. For example, last year we highlighted Claudette Colvin, who was actually the first Black person to refuse to give up their seat to a white person on a bus, but she isn’t frequently talked about in history classes.”

The main event, however, was the Black History Show which took place in the East Auditorium on February 3 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“This gives Black students at East, and possibly West, the chance to showcase their talents. They can do group/solo dances, singing, poetry, speaking, rapping, and afterwards, there [was] a dinner/dessert for all attendees,” shared Robinson.

The meal following the show was provided by vendors from local Black small businesses.

Autumn Cherilien (‘26), coordinator of the Black History Show said that “it is really important because the black community in this school is really small, so this is a way to produce something that represents us.”

She added that the show allows them to “represent [themselves] in the way they want to be perceived.”

Tymir Gayle (‘26) and Kyle Scott (‘25), coordinators for the AACC Multicultural Day (MCD), played an integral role in the showcase. The pair was in charge of choreography for both MCD and the showcase.

Gayle said, “We discuss anything we want to tie in to the show and make sure it’s something that everyone can do.”

Additionally, Scott added that Robinson gave the choreography pair “the opportunity to try different ideas and be open and expressive with what [they’d] like to do with the dances.”

Gayle and Scott are also making an effort to ensure that the heritage of all group members is somehow represented in the dances for both the showcase and the MCD dance.

All in all, the showcase was an inspiring and moving manner for the African American Culture Club to celebrate Black History Month and to represent their culture to the East community.

“It’s a nice time to unite as a group, show our culture, and celebrate the month,” said Robinson.

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