East Spring Blood Drive 2023 recap


Karina Gupta

East Blood Drive’s new chairpeople successfully held this year’s spring blood drive.

Karina Gupta

On March 7th and 8th, Cherry Hill High School East’s Annual Spring Blood Drive took place in the Library-Annex. Students at East and members of the community were able to donate blood to save up to three lives. A total of 249 units were collected, making the blood drive very successful this year. 

This year’s blood drive theme was Woodstock and participants received shirts with an image of a rainbow bus and peace signs. Other than receiving a shirt, there was a variety of food catered for this event including Chick-fil-a and the Kibitz Room. The American Red Cross also provided a variety of snacks. 

The blood drive chairpeople got many Power Red donors this year. Unlike regular blood donations, the students give both blood and plasma. 

“Our turnout was more than we expected. We had many walk-ins and people wanted to generously donate blood, even if they didn’t sign up,” said Blood Drive Overall Chairperson Zach Pasternack (‘24). 

Besides the student blood drive that took place on March 7th and 8th during the school day, there was also a community drive after school on the 7th. 

“This spring we focused more heavily on our community drive and getting donors outside of just the student body. We ended up getting 50 out of our community donor goal of 41, which is a level of success we did not see in previous drives,” said Blood Drive Overall Chairperson Kyle Lehrfeld (‘24). 

East’s ability to help out those in need by consistently hosting blood drives is so important. The drives always have great turnouts and are successful thanks to the hardworking chairpeople. Be sure to look out for the Fall Blood Drive next year.