East shows school spirit and patriotism on ‘Murica Monday

Gilad Bar (17) participates in East Murica day

Gilad Bar (’17) participates in East ‘Murica day

Luke Hinrichs, Eastside Sports Editor

On November 23 the halls of Cherry Hill East were flooded with red, white, and blue as spirit week took on ‘Murica Monday. The alliteration offered an optimal opportunity for the scholarly community of Cherry Hill East to show their national pride while also showing school spirit. When the day ended, participation of the classes was tallied up, and the Senior class of 2016 emerged as the victors. In second place was the Junior class of 2017, in third place the Sophomore class of 2018 and, in last, the Freshman class of 2019.

“We were looking for different dress up ideas, and ‘Murica’ is a title that a lot of the kids know and banter about, so we just decided to do a patriotic type of dress up day,” said Activities Director Mr. Davis.

To many students, Murica Monday can be summed up by three basic colors of clothing. To some students, Murica Monday also represented a hopeful future.

“America is the country I am in, even though I am an immigrant. I hope to get a citizenship one day, and once I do, it will mean I can live a normal life here,” said Gilad Bar (’17).

Beyond the Senior’s win, Murica Monday proved to be a day of patriotism and school spirit.