East prepares for another annual spirit week


Courtesy of: Mr. Mancinelli

The freshmen class practice their Spirit Week dance.

This year, Spirit Week takes place from November 20th to November 27th. Spirit Week at East is eventful, from charity events to fun and showing school spirit.

Every year during Spirit Week, the officers of each class choose one large topic and divide that topic into 4 small sections for each class to focus on one. The classes then compete against each other through can drives and other projects, such as banners, booths, and a choreographed dance.

This year’s topic is seasons, the seniors representing the summertime, the juniors as fall, the sophomores representing winter, and the freshmen having spring.

“The idea of Spirit Week is to make the school experience more fun,” said activities director, Mr. Davis. The event is designed so that the number of people who get involved directly correlates to the overall experience for everyone.

Mr. Davis said, “I look forward to the charitable aspect of it.” Throughout the can drives and t-shirt sales for each class, East is helping others while also having fun within the school. The spirit that students bring, such as dressing up, also contributes a lot to the experience of Spirit Week.

Seeing that this is their last year of Spirit Week, the seniors are very experienced and looking forward to a lot of fun opportunities that associate with their summer topic. The class is taking on the challenge by showing summer through things like beaches and nice weather.

“They’re very productive,” said the senior president, Shana Chen (‘20), about their class. The seniors have their shirts ordered and are going down a smooth road in terms of putting together their final projects. They are glad to have such a good topic and are very hopeful for a fun time at school this Spirit Week.

“I’m pretty excited for this year, it’s our last one,” said Chen. According to a conducted survey, 100% of seniors have positive hopes for Spirit Week this year and think that their class has a good chance of winning. The seniors are ready to celebrate a phenomenal last Spirit Week.

The junior class is beyond pleased with their topic of fall. According to the junior class president, Daniel Pipersburgh (‘21), their class is doing exceptionally well. They will be using Halloween, Thanksgiving, and fall colors to portray their theme.

“You are able to do so much with fall and not hold back an ounce of creativity,” said Pipersburgh. The junior class believes that the seniors have a very strong chance of winning, but they believe they also have a very good chance of sweeping this year’s competition through each activity.

Pipersburgh said, “Spirit week is a time of competitiveness and challenges, but most importantly just having fun.” It is key for the junior class to bond as a class and to learn to work together as a community. Pipersburgh also mentioned class advisors Mrs. Hildebrand and Mrs. Breen who have been a very important part of their Spirit Week process.

The sophomore class has winter for their Spirit Week theme. Their booth includes some of the class’s favorite things about winter. The sophomore dance incorporates a storyline through winter and well-chosen songs. The sophomores are planning to add many elements of the celebrations that take place in the wintertime to their projects.

“We are in pretty good shape right now and we plan on taking the 1st place prize,” said Devyn Levin (‘22), the sophomore president. The class is excited to see the final result of spirit week since they have worked very hard and have high hopes of how the week will play out to be.

“The sophomores are ready to prove that myth wrong,” Levin said regarding the old tradition that seniors usually win Spirit Week.

The freshmen class is working hard on their booth and doing the most they can with their topic of spring. The class is possessive of an optimistic attitude. Since they were a bit delayed with the building of the booth, president of the freshmen class, Gina Liu (‘23), said that they are recovering from the delay and working hard to catch up.

“In the end, it’s to come together through unity and help others through spirit,” said Liu. For the freshmen, Spirit Week is more about getting to know people, coming together as a class, and bonding. According to a conducted survey, even though only about 75% of freshmen think they have a good chance of winning this year, 100% of the class has high hopes for this year’s Spirit Week to be very fun-filled.