East Model UN students attend in-person conference

After a year of being online, East’s Model UN team attended their first regional in-person conference on October 23. Model UN (Model United Nations) allows students to roleplay delegates from different countries. Through these conferences, students expand their knowledge of international affairs and gain experience in problem-solving. Prior to the conference, the students research the problems given in their assigned committees to find solutions. Then, at the conference, the students discuss with one another (each as different countries) to create resolutions. Furthermore, awards are given to the best position paper, best novice, best delegate, and an honorable mention in each committee.

The East Model UN Team prepared for this conference in many ways. “We prepared for this conference with mock conferences and novice trainings,” says Youjin Park, an officer of the East Model UN Team. As the students prepared their position papers, the officers looked over the papers and made sure that the students were in good shape. The Model UN Team met several times prior to the conference and a lot of hard work and dedication was put into these preparations.

Due to the pandemic situation, the Model UN Team had to hold conferences online last year. However, they were able to safely transition back into in-person conferences on Saturday. “In-person conference was much better than the online because we could easily talk with other delegates,” says Youjin Park. Communication is a vital part of Model UN conferences, as they share ideas back and forth with their committees. At Google Meet, delegates had to constantly mute themselves in order to hear others. Because the conferences are back in person, the students were able to communicate more smoothly.

Saturday’s conference went well for East, as we had many award winners representing East. “For this conference, Youbin and I were the guest chair, meaning we were the head of the committee,” says officer Youjin Park, “We had Ansh Mehta and Christopher Shin who won honorable mention”. Ansh Mehta represented Todd Gloria (California Committee) while Christopher Shin represented Argentina. Vivian Rong, who represented the United Kingdom, won the best position paper award, as well. After a year of being online, the East Model UN Team is off to a great start this year!