East hosts Homecoming dance

On Friday, November 20, nearly 400 students gathered at East for the annual Homecoming Dance. This year, however, the dance differed from previous years.

First off, the dance had an autumn theme and it was decorated with pumpkins, leaves and festive colors. Also, a portion of the money made selling tickets goes to the Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation which is a non-profit organization that benefits teens with cancer. This is the same foundation in which the t-shirts supported and were modeled after.

Despite the slight changes in the dance, the energy level remained at a high and students enjoyed themselves greatly dancing the night away with their friends.

Megan Muench (’17) said, “I’m having a really good time and the atmosphere is great.”

With about 380 tickets sold, SGA President, Brett Dashevsky (’16) felt a sense of accomplishment also enjoying the dance on Friday.

“Our overall goal was to get about 250 kids and then by the middle of this week we moved the goal to 300 kids and I think that we exceeded that,” said Dashevsky.

Students from all four grades showed up to the Homecoming Dance in order to receive Spirit Week points for their respective class.
Dashevsky said, “I think that this is the best Homecoming Dance that East has seen.”

The SGA president believes this because of a lot of effort put into prior planning and better advertising. He also hopes that the success this year with the Homecoming Dance will pass onto future years and make school dances a more popular weekend activity for East students.