East holds a Lunar New Year festival


Ella Hampton ('24)

Students wait to hear the announcement of the raffle winners toward the end of the event.

On Friday, January 20th, Cherry Hill High School East held a Lunar New Year festival after school in Cafeteria 2. Chinese Honor Society, Chinese Student Association, Korean Culture Club and Vietnamese Culture Club worked together to create the hour-and-a-half event. All students were invited to attend and entry was free. During the event, around 100 students were in attendance.

Upon entry, attendees were given a paper that listed the food and drinks that the three cultural groups were selling and the activities available to do. The three groups sold a variety of traditional and popular foods from their country. The Chinese Student Association and Honors Society offered three dishes and bubble tea. The Korean Culture Club sold the popular dishes Kimbap and Kimchijeon as well as two different types of drinks. The Vietnamese culture club sold fried rice and Vietnamese-style iced coffee. All food and drinks available ranged from $1 to $3, with profits going to the clubs for future events. 

Different activities were available at each of the cultural booths. In exchange for completing at least one activity from every booth, attendees were given a ticket to enter one of the three raffles. If they completed all activities from every booth, they were given an additional two raffle tickets. After an activity was completed, the attendees were given a stamp on their paper. At the Chinese Student Association and Honor Society booth, attendees could perform cultural activities such as dumpling folding and calligraphy practice. The Korean Culture Club gave students the opportunity to play ddakji, a Korean paper-flipping game. Students could also play bầu cua tôm cá, a traditional Vietnamese gambling game, and loto, a bingo-type game, at the Vietnamese Culture Club booth.

Decorations covered the cafeteria; posters, paper lanterns and a backdrop for photos helped bring the new year’s spirit. The clubs worked hard creating paper crafts such as a human-sized tree, flowers and fans. 

The festival was very successful, with many students and teachers in attendance. Many of the dishes were quickly sold out and activity booths stayed busy with participants. The event was the perfect way to bring together those that celebrate the holiday as well as spark interest and teach others about the important day.