East Goes Green

Everyone knows that green is the new black, and for those who have a desire to embrace the trend, East now has a club that strives to “Go Green for the Greater Good.” The club, Go Green for the Great Good, had its first meeting of the 2010-2011 school year Thursday, October 14. Austin Billig (’13) formed the club last year, along with Melissa Pliskin (’13) as the co-founder and Ms. Casey as the club supervisor. The goal of the club is to recycle electronics. Specifically, if East students give any usable electronics to the club, the members will mail them to a company, gazelle.com, that will give them money for the products in return. If the electronic products no longer work – no worries, the company will use these products and convert them into energy to help power neighborhoods and cities. During the previous club meeting, the members discussed how to publicize the club, and their first course of action is spirit week. Whichever grade donates the most electronics will receive spirit week points.

Pliskin said, “People really should consider getting involved with the club because it is a really great experience and is good for the environment.”