East Film Club has first meeting

The East Film Club, a club in which members watch and discuss movies, held their first meeting of the 2008-2009 school year today after school in room B231.  Club founders, Julianne Roseman (’09) and Jill Schwartz (’09), ran the first meeting as an informational meeting, accompanied by Mr. Rouen, one of the teacher advisors.  Mr. Howe, the second advisor, was unable to attend. 

The purpose of the East Film Club is to show and discuss movies that students might not ordinarily watch and ones that weren’t necessarily in theatres. 

“We like to show more of an eclectic mix of old and new movies, ones with a purpose,” said Schwartz. 

About fifteen students attended the meeting today, although according to the founders, usually about thirty students attend.  A sign up sheet and film request form were passed around during the meeting.   The club shows movies that students suggest, whether it is a favorite or just an interest, as well as movies Roseman and Schwartz think possess moral, artistic, pop culture, or historical value.  Customarily, after watching the movie, they suggest that students stay to discuss and review the movie.

Previous movies shown in the club have been: The Breakfast Club, Frankenstein, Walk the Line and many others.

“We don’t discriminate between movies,” said Schwartz.

For anyone interested, the East Film Club has an email account, Facebook group, and meets about once a month.