East Fashion Club allows members to further their creativity


Ella Hampton ('24)

Fashion Club posters can be found around the school.

In December 2021, Marlee Petkov (‘24) created a club for students of the East body to take part in fashion-related conversations and activities. 

Petkov, the president of the Fashion Club, strives to create an environment in which students are free to express their own creative ideas and socialize with their peers. The objective of making the Fashion Club was to create a safe space for those interested in fashion to create designs and potentially start their fashion career. 

At one meeting, mood boards were created; using cut-outs from magazines and different craft materials, students constructed boards that represented their style and sentiments. The aspiration, Petkov explained, was to welcome the members into the club and to learn more about one another in the process. 

Through projects in the club, members are able to convey their outlooks and styles in tangible representations. The projects of the members are displayed in the room for them to see and enjoy throughout the meetings.

Behind the scenes, Petkov gets her fashion inspiration from famous brands such as Chanel. 

“[Chanel] has really inspired a lot of my designs along with the types of materials I put together in an outfit,” said Petkov.

The atmosphere of the club is warm and welcoming; it’s easy for members to express their interests in fashion and to show their true personality within the comfort of the group. 

Stop by F089 to take part in the creativity and freedom of the club.