Culture Clubs Prepare for MCD

CSA performed for multicultural day on 2016.

Emelia Keller

CSA performed for multicultural day on 2016.

Jiseon Lee, Eastside Staff

Multi-Cultural Day (MCD) is upon us and the many culture clubs are preparing to share their unique culture with the East community. With MCD on Friday, April 7, all of the clubs are wrapping up their work for the show that they have put together.

Dance Choreographers are finalizing their dance formations and dance routines to show everyone amazing performances.

Michelle Kim (‘18), dance choreographer of the Korean Culture Club (KCC), talked about how in regard to preparation for MCD, KCC is a little behind. However, the process is still fun with all of the members involved. She also mentioned how it is stressful trying to put everything together, but she’s trying her best to make it enjoyable and make it fun for those who are participating. She hopes that everyone makes good memories along this journey and that everyone is happy to have joined the club.

“Even if KCC doesn’t place, I hope that people will enjoy either doing the dance or watching the dance. My goal is to make KCC memorable,” said Kim.

Other choreographers from other culture clubs are also preparing and working hard for MCD as well.

Nithish Baba (‘17), one of the dance choreographers of Indian Cultural Society (ICS), also talked about his experiences and expectations of MCD. ICS’s henna booth has been gaining popularity, and the food they are bringing is expected to entice the crowd.

“The dance performance is always a big task and this year it was no easier. We started choreographing in August last year, and have made our dance an upbeat reflection of this year’s theme.” said Baba. Although it was a lot of work to put everything together, he believes it is a lot of fun.

“Indian fusion music is always a lot of fun and our dance reflects that very well in my opinion.” said Baba. Baba is proud to announce that their culture club is a success so far and that he can not wait for the East students to see it.

Chinese Society Association is also putting in their effort to make MCD a great experience. The dance choreographer of CSA, Wendy Lin (‘17), also shared her thoughts about MCD and how preparation has been turning out so far.

“Ever since we started it my freshman year, it’s been getting bigger. The first year of CSA we had about 14 dancers. Now, there are over 30 of them. Wow, right? We are all working hard to practice and rehearse it. For a lot of members, MDC is their favorite memory of high school. I’ve heard from people who have already graduated.” said Lin.

She is excited to make more memories with her club and to show their hard work to the rest of the school. Lin is proud of her club and incredibly happy to see that the club has grown so much over the years.

“Honestly, CSA is like one big family.” said Lin.

Other culture clubs such as the Filipino Club, African American Club, Latino Club, and the German Club are putting in great amounts of effort to make this experience a good one for everyone.  All of the Culture Clubs participating in MCD this year hope that people who watch will see the time and dedication put in, as all of the groups are quite proud of the dance this year. Be sure to come out and watch the show which displays all of the hard work the clubs have put in.