CSI: East shares forensic science with the rest of the school


Courtesy of CSI: East Instagram

Winslow and Herzfeld post on instagram to keep members updated on when the next meetings are.

This year, Juniors Maddie Winslow (‘24) and Sarah Herzfeld (‘24) founded their club, CSI: East, hoping to share their love of forensics with the East students.

“We both take the forensics class and wanted a chance to share with people who didn’t take the class and expand on things/hear from experts that the class itself doesn’t cover,” said Herzfeld.

Many don’t understand what forensics really is. It’s using scientific methods and/or techniques to investigate a crime. Forensics is a field of study that holds many different career paths that students can discover. Not only that, but understanding forensics is one of the things that will make you a more informed citizen.

“We wanted to help make people at East aware of this.” said Herzfeld.

So far, the club has had the opportunity to hear from a former FBI agent about her experiences in her field of work. Looking into the club’s future, the leaders have been planning a forensics expert to come in from the Cherry Hill Police Department. Additionally, they hope to have a trivia game and other fun crime-solving games as the year comes to a close.

“We are trying to have experts come in from ALL different fields of forensics to speak and explain their jobs to inform people on what they do.” said Herzfeld.

Since both of the founders are upperclassmen, they are looking for ways to maintain the success of their club after they graduate. Next year, they will have their two current underclassmen vice presidents, to whom they can show the ropes to, take over when the founders graduate