Conversations regarding the lunch-and-learn model continue


Vivian Rong ('23)

Discussions regarding the lunch-and-learn method continue with the safety of students being a major topic.

About two weeks ago, there were rumors of the lunch-and-learn model at East being changed. While it is true there will be modifications to the lunch-and-learn model, the actual change is still being decided upon.

Dr. Dennis Perry said that East administration is currently working towards a resolution with a committee of teachers. He says that for now, students will not notice any change. The only change in the near future is that students will have different teachers that manage their study halls.

Concerns with the lunch-and-learn model have been going on for the last two years amongst teachers. One large concern is safety. 

“At minimum, just for the school safety plan, we have to have some way of knowing where students are supposed to be,” says Perry.

There will be some sort way to track students’ whereabouts during lunch-and-learn. This can be a form to tell where students are, an ID scanner at each lunch site or a QR code scanner. Perry made it clear that if nothing else changes with lunch-and-learn, it is guaranteed that the aforementioned safety measures will be implemented.

Rumors two weeks ago were that East would go back to having homerooms at lunch. This is not entirely true and the actual change to lunch-and-learn is still being decided upon. Perry does not think going back to having homerooms at lunch is an attractive option.

“For some, lunch and learn is the greastest things since sliced bread. Personally, I am one of those people,” says Perry.

Another problem that was talked about between teachers and administrators on lunch-and-learn was that students are in the hallways not doing anything productive during lunch. As a result, there are teachers who need to watch those students’ behavior. For example, one teacher found herself in the middle of a quarrel.