College Essay Course causes less need for teachers’ help

The senior class of 2010, as many classes preceding them, was given the opportunity to sign up for a weeklong summer College Essay Course. Though all teachers and students find this course to be immensely helpful in the college application process, it has changed teachers’ influence on students’ essays.

According to Ms. Helene Dobromilski, she used to read and revise far more of her students’ college essays prior to the introduction of the class. In addition, Dobromilski also stopped running her usual college essay training seminars during her English classes. She said that in the past, she used to have her students spend more time reading as many essays as possible during the beginning of the school year. Though lacking this aspect, Dobromilski’s seminars remain informative and useful for her English students.

Dobromilski also utilizes this years’ increase in class size to provide more readers for her students. However, she prefers a more one-on-one experience to tackle the revising stages of essay-writing. Dobromilski offers students the opportunity to visit her after school so that she can read their essay(s) out loud, a technique that she feels is very important in grasping the essay’s tone.