Sophomores can now purchase class rings

A class ring: the everlasting symbol of high school, to be passed down for generations. At least, that’s one of the benefits of buying a class ring. Following an assembly for sophomores during first period during the last weeks of November, the class ring sales for the class of 2011 during lunches began today. There was an opportunity last night in Cafeteria 2 for parents and students to buy class rings, which few participants took advantage of. When asked for feedback of the sales, the officers of the class of 2011 suggested that the entire process, meaning the assembly, publicity and the days the company sets up a table in the cafeteria, be contained within one week.

During lunches today, sophomores had the opportunity to talk to representatives of the company and turn in money to buy the ring of their choice. Many students perused the catalog and discussed class ring designs during lunches after walking up to the company’s table. The Jostens company offers an entire catalog of choices to personalize each students’ class ring, including the metal used, the stone used and symbols displayed on each individual ring. Jostens provides a discount to students who design the ring on their website ( A member of the sophomore class will receive a free class ring, after being selected at random.

Class ring sales will continue tomorrow during lunches.