Class of 2024 hosts 2022 Sophomore Cotillion


Madison Jordan ('23)

Students dance at the 2022 Sophomore Cotillion.

Stars danced on the white walls of Cafeteria 2, which were now pitch black and ready to go for this year’s Sophomore Cotillion last Friday, on February 25th. Three hundred and fifty students crowded around from the cold outside a little before 7 pm, each having already paid $30 for their spot on the dance floor. The dress attire was written as semi-formal, and peers showed in dazzling attire as the theme calls for: sparkles. Glittery dresses and bright button ups as well as tuxes could be seen all around. It didn’t take away from the smiles.

The food that was there was as starry as always, provided by the Hog Day Afternoon Catering. Chips and chicken were served, along with free water as a refreshment. They also had fruit assortments, consisting of grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple, and strawberries. For dessert, there were stacks of brownies and cookies. Tables were set up for dining, with little glowing lanterns in the center and ceramic stars. There was even a board that was designed stating “TO THE MOON AND BACK”, adding onto the celestial ambience.

One of the more memorable decorations had to do with the corner area of the cafeteria where the students would take pictures. Set up were lights that were in the shape of stars. They would spin on a reel and illuminate the dark. Many students were seen taking memorable photos together. Even Jo, a student from the class of 2022, said, “I mean, life is so short, so might as well take photos of us posing by the wall.”

And of course, there was music. An enthusiastic DJ surrounded by flashing lights played a variety of songs, giving 2010 a spotlight. Songs like “Party in the USA” from Miley Cyrus, “Mr. Brightside” from the Killers, and “Fireball” from Pitbull played. The students even moshed to “Clarity” from Zedd.
It was, to say the least, a starry night.