Class of 2016 holds elections

Sari Cohen, Eastside Staff

Two presidential candidates and eight vice presidential candidates fought for one presidential and three vice presidential positions for the class of 2016 during elections on Tuesday, May 12.

Lee Rosen-Swell (‘16), the 2014-2015 president ran again against new candidate Emily Cao (‘16).  Robin Brown (‘16), Paul Crozier (‘16), Marli Ehrlich (‘16), Adi Eylon (‘16), Priya Mistry (‘16), Charlotte Montgomery (‘16), Cassidy Rosen-Swell (‘16) and Grace Shen (‘16) were the eight candidates for class vice president.  Montgomery, Rosen-Swell, and Shen were selected as vice presidents of the junior class for the 2014-2015 year.

Lee Rosen-Swell was reelected as class president and Montgomery and Shen were re-elected for vice president. Brown was newly elected for vice president.

“It feels great to know that [I] have the support of [my] fellow peers as we head into senior year,” said Lee Rosen-Swell.

On Thursday, May 7, all of the candidates spoke to their classmates about their qualifications and goals to become part of class office senior year. These speeches took place during lunch break one in the auditorium.

A fun and successful senior year is ahead of the Class of 2016 with their newly elected officers.