Class of 2015 Prepares for Junior Prom

With the designated theme of Around the World, fundraising and promotion for Junior Prom 2014 which will be held on May 3, have begun.

Sam Snyder (’15), the class president, said, “For fundraising, we already had our first restaurant fundraiser a couple of months ago at Chipotle where we raised a ton of money.”

The next fundraiser is April 8 at Ciconte’s Restaurant, in which the junior class is hoping to increase their funds.

Eric Grayson (’15 ), class vice president, said, “It looks like it’s going to have a big turnout.”

As for promotion, SGA has been busy tweeting and posting in the junior class Facebook group. A promotion video has been produced and banners will be hung up in the upcoming weeks to advertise ticket sales.

Prom tickets will be going on sale Wednesday, April 9, and will continue to be sold after Spring Break.

Snyder said, “Everything else is just planning the actual event itself. We have a completed menu for all the food we will serve. We booked a DJ, we got a photo booth, and now we’ve just been working on decorations and centerpieces for tables.”

Overall, with the preparation for the upcoming event, the junior class is looking forward to their prom. “I think people definitely are [excited about prom]. Even though it’s still a month away, I’ve been hearing buzz about it all the time from a lot of different people,” said Grayson.