Class of 2015 parties around the world at Junior Prom

The junior class and their prom dates embarked on their journey “Across the World” last night at the Junior Prom. They were preparing for the prom since the end of last year.

“Clearly we put a huge emphasis on the food,” said Sam Snyder (’15) the junior class president, because there were different food stations for different countries around the world.

The prom was held at The Mansion with two floors of activities for the class.

They picked The Mansion because “they wanted something a little more traditional this year,” said Ms. Nora Smaldore, one of the junior class advisors.

The first floor had food, tables to eat at, and a photo booth. The second floor had food, tables to eat at, and of course, the dance floor.

“Where to go is kind of confusing, so I think if they had it all in one place that would be better,” said Keeley Baker (’15), a junior enjoying her time at the junior prom.

According to Baker, the promotion went really well because “everyone heard about it,” said Baker.

“They did a really cool ‘Promo’ video [to promote],” said Smaldore.

Everyone was raving about how they had the highest attendance to a junior prom in over three years.

“We actually had close to 450 people, which is right now more than East has had at a Junior Prom in the last like three years,” said Snyder.

The junior class representatives were very happy with how well the dance turned out.

“I felt like we were a little disorganized but it came together very nicely,” said Jenna Blum (’15), a class representative for the junior class.

Their hard work payed off when they saw how much of a success the dance was.

“In the past some of the school dances aren’t always that fun,” said Darren Stevens (’15), a class rep for the junior class, “but our grade is up and dancing and the DJ is good and everything is going really well.”

The junior class representatives, president, vice presidents, and class advisors all did a great job putting together a wonderful dance that their whole grade could enjoy.