Cherry Hill Easts hosts a canned food drive


Courtesy of Greensboro Urban Ministry

Help out the community and donate to Cherry Hill East’s can drive.

Covid-19 has really changed the normal. Typically, during Spirit Week, which takes place in November, East has a ‘Can Food Drive’ that benefits both the Cherry Hill Food Pantry and the South Jersey Food Bank. This year, neither Spirit Week nor the Can Food Drive are taking place when they usually would. The Can Food Drive started January 19th and was planned to end January 29th, however, the ending date is extended by one week. The official end date of the Can Food Drive is February 5, 2021.

The main difference between this year and the previous years has been time. Obviously, normal or annual events are not going as planned. East is collecting these cans for the community. In order to reach the desired goal, everyone will have to pitch in. Covid-19 has affected many families negatively, therefore causing a greater demand for food pantries and donations.

Every class has contributed by gathering cans. School is open and cans can be sent into the building for students that are doing full remote. Late next week, East is looking to have an ‘Evening Drop’, which simply means, students who are not doing the hybrid model can drop their canned goods at East. This can drive is all about giving and no amount is too small. Cans can be sent in with someone else, or dropped off personally during school hours to be put into the appropriate box. Each grade has a bin located outside of the East auditorium. Also, all donations will support the local South Jersey food bank.

In the previous years, East has sent over 4,000 canned goods to the Food Pantry, since each class sends about 1,000 cans. However, this year with Covid, that desired amount may not be met. The East students are asked that they donate as many canned goods as they can. Even though the community is not living under normal circumstances, with drives like this, the goal is to help as much as possible. No good is too small, and every small donation counts. East is looking forward to getting as many cans in as possible, so that it can help its community.