Cherry Hill East student organize summer blood drives

Every donor helps to provide relief towards to current blood shortage

Throughout my high school experience, I have been involved in blood drives, constantly looking for ways to help others in my community. Whether it be through becoming a donor chairperson position or an overall chairperson position on the Cherry Hill East Blood Drive Committee, I have always contributed my dedication and passion towards East’s blood drives. Recently, I decided to continue my commitment to helping others outside of school during the current summer of 2021. Ethan Farber (‘22) and I have decided to start our own community blood drive through two different locations: Margate City, New Jersey, starting on July 31st, and Cherry Hill, New Jersey, starting on August fifth. We recognized that now more than ever, during these troubling times, there is a need for blood; so we took charge. In order to make our plan a reality, we contacted the American Red Cross to set up two dates and give us allocated time slots for both locations. In total, we have 97 appointment slots with all 37 filled up for the Margate City, New Jersey location. Through social media, QR codes, and personal conversations, we have managed to continuously attract potential donors. Additionally, we have reached out to friends to lend a helping hand in regards to gathering benefactors to donate money so we can provide T-shirts for the helpers and food for the day of the drive. Zarba, a local snack delivery business, will be helping to provide delicious snacks for both drives. With the goal of helping others in mind, we also plan to place a donation bucket for ALS out during both days of the drives to raise money and awareness for future treatments and care. Hopefully, these summer blood drives can become a tradition for East students to organize. The American Red Cross is always looking for donors to help keep up with the current strained medical community, so every donor counts and is appreciated.