CHE Blood Drive Committee hosts a successful fall blood drive

Blood Drive Committee gathers signatures for the Fall Blood Drive.

Courtesy of CHE Blood Drive Twitter

Blood Drive Committee gathers signatures for the Fall Blood Drive.

It’s about that time of the year again when the library annex transforms into a jungle of tables, volunteers, donors, and lots and lots of treats to keep post-donation spirits high. This year’s annual Red Cross Blood Drive took place from November 2nd to November 3rd. East’s Blood Drives are well-known by students for having both creative and witty themes, and this year’s theme is no exception.

I’m excited to save lives. Any discomfort always pays off in the end.

— Zylasia Torres

Mr. Davis, overseer of student activity and the Blood Drive, said, “This year’s theme is a play on the election”.  

The 2016 Blood Drive shirts, which are handed out to everyone who donates, feature a tweaked version of Hillary Clinton’s prominent arrow logo on the front. On the back, the shirts proudly state “Making Your Blood Great Again”, a rendition of Donald Trump’s famously know campaign slogan. The theme perfectly ties to today’s current events, with the 2016 presidential election only a few days passed.

Every year, a new group of committee members is assembled in order to oversee the organization of the event and to assure operations run smoothly and persistently. Those interested in the position are interviewed, and a select group of students are chosen. Blood Drive committee members have been preparing for the event for a month and a half.

When asked why the Blood Drive interested her, chairperson Gabrielle Gracias (’17), said “I want to be a doctor when I am older and this is a good place to start.” Gracias also said that she enjoys seeing the East community unite for such a good cause. One blood donation can be used to save three lives, so it is imperative that as many students as possible sign up to donate.

“The Blood Drive is a good opportunity for students to realize [they] can make a difference in the community,” said Rachel Cogan (’17), who is a student volunteer for the drive along with twenty-one other juniors and seniors.

Courtesy of CHE Blood Drive Twitter

Both volunteers and chairpersons worked relentlessly over the course of the past month to publicize the Blood Drive in order to ensure a great turn out of donators, utilizing social medias such as Facebook and Twitter to inform the student body.

While some students may worry about the pain associated with donating blood, it is important that they think of the end result of helping people in need.

Zylasia Torres (’17) said, “I’m excited to save lives. Any discomfort always pays off in the end.” Torres has been donating blood every year since she turned 16 and says she looks forward to the event every year. “The experience makes me anxious but it doesn’t hurt.”

Overall, this year’s East Blood Drive was a “par for the course” as Mr. Davis said, and can only continue to prosper from here.