Cavalcade of Bands Jazz Festival proves success for East Jazz Band

East Jazz wins big at Cavalcade of Bands Jazz Festival.

Courtesy of @cheastmusicboosters

East Jazz wins big at Cavalcade of Bands Jazz Festival.

On Friday, February 18, The Cherry Hill East Jazz band season-opening competition held at Cavalcade of Bands Jazz Festival was successful for East. As a whole, they received the highest rating of “Superior.” As individual sections, East won the best saxophone section, Best Trumpet Section, and Best Trombone Section Awards.

To narrow down the awards even further, there were also individuals who received awards. Best Soloist Medals were awarded to saxophonist Rafael De Moura and pianist Ricky Hess. The Cherry Hill East Jazz band did well in this competition and will only further continue to improve, as it is only their season opener.

However, the road to getting to the place they now do not happen overnight. The Jazz band practiced and practiced until they were at the level that they demonstrated at the competition. According to Jazz band Trumpet player, Kayla Tabares (‘25), “The entire Jazz Band went to Temple University just 3 days prior to the festival for a performance and clinic.”

From this, each section learned from professionally trained musicians some tips on improving their skills. After hearing the Temple Jazz Band perform, there was another level to strive for in the sense of “superior.” The Temple University visit was able to make a difference in the overall performance of the group, but it was not why they won.

Tabares went on to say, “Each individual, as well, had a drive to improve the section and band as a whole.” This dedicated jazz group worked very hard and was able to leave the competition with awards and recognition. They continued to work until everything was as tight as possible.

Tabares said, “In the two class periods between then and the festival, each section spent quality time on their own to play exactly together. I cannot speak for the rhythm section, but as for the trumpet section, there were many reps of getting things wrong before getting it all “tight” in a way.”