Caity Martinez Senior Perspective

Caity Martinez, For Eastside

My perspective may differ from others due to the fact that I suffer from a chronic illness. As I walk down the halls of the B-wing intersection, it brings a sense of nostalgia of the years that have passed. This is my last year at an amazing school where I made decisions that have shaped who I am. Each of the people who surround me now are those that I have grown to love and to cherish as much as I can before our journey ends and our adventure begins. These halls were filled with laughter and frustration from the inside jokes made in each class to all of the assignments that had to be completed within the same day. Cherry Hill East has taught me to take opportunities and make the best out of them. Every single person has a talent or a passion, and this school has helped me find that.

Due to my chronic illness, I missed school quite frequently. In this, I’ve seen the utmost compassion and kindness in teachers and students who aided me throughout my hardships and accomplishments. Teachers and tutors have helped me relentlessly in making up assignments and maintaining grades. This isn’t just a school; it’s a place that people call home, that I call home.