Auschwitz survivor and World War II soldier share their stories with students

History teachers are required to convey events of the past to their students. However, when neither the teachers nor the students have actually lived through the experience, it’s difficult to get a full understanding of the situation.

After his students learn about World War II, US History teacher Mr. Tom Rosenberg helps further the students’ understanding of the Holocaust. Every year, he arranges for speakers to come to the school and speak about their experiences during the Holocaust.

During this year’s in-school field trip, held in the little theatre, students met Helen Reader, a prisoner in Auschwitz Concentration Camp at the age of 14. They also met Arthur Seltzer, an Army Serviceman who served on land in Europe at the age of 19 during WW2.

The presentation began in a question and answer format. Carol Orwitz, an orator at the Holocaust Museum, questioned both Reader and Seltzer.  Seltzer then showed students lists, maps and pictures on the overhead to help them understand his story.

At the end of the presentation, the two speakers were open to questions from the students. After hearing two first hand accounts, the students left with more insight from the tragic time period.