Asher Boiskin (’24) prepares for his role as schoolwide vice president

Asher is photographed campaigning before the election, surrounded by his peers.

Courtesy of Asher Boiskin ('24)

Asher is photographed campaigning before the election, surrounded by his peers.

After serving as a student representative and a vice president in middle school, Asher Boiskin (’24) knew that he wanted to grow as a leader once he arrived to East.

Boiskin originally got involved in East’s Student Government Association (SGA) because he saw some of the flaws inside of East and the places where other students felt the need for improvement. He was determined to work with and for the student body to create a safe school environment that all students can call their second home.

“I love how much potential SGA has. We can use it for so many different things to improve our school and community,” said Boiskin.

The campaigning process for the schoolwide vice president election was more challenging than any of Boiskin’s previous campaigns. Compared to most of the other candidates, he had not previously served on the schoolwide leadership team.

That being said, he did not let this challenge get in the way of his campaign.

Boiskin worked with friends to promote some of his main points, spoke in various classes, created engaging social media posts and websites for voters to view, and developed posters that were scattered amongst the building. Additionally, he spent his lunch breaks walking around both cafeterias and the annex to hear what voters are looking for in their ideal vice president.

As a candidate, it was important for Boiskin to develop a collection of projects that if elected, he would spend his time working on. Some of these projects include having a more engaged helping his peers voice their ideas, fixing the water filters, introducing Hebrew and Hindi as languages taught at East, and preventing changes in the class leveling system.

Next year, Boiskin hopes to frequently meet with students to hear what they are looking for in their school. He will also be creating focus groups and organizing surveys to better understand the student’s perspectives.

Even though Boiskin is involved in multiple clubs, such as Eastside, History Club, Model UN, and Cum Laude, he is still able to manage his SGA responsibilities.

“I try to stay organized and hold myself accountable. I have friends, family, and teachers who can and do help me along the way,” said Boiskin.

Boiskin is grateful that East, including both the teachers and the students, has helped him reach his position as the schoolwide vice president for the next school year. East has an amazing school community and is a great outlet for students to make friends and get involved.

Boiskin is excited to lead East through the 2023-2024 school year as one of the four school-wide Vice Presidents.