Art Club plans to add art to the guidance wing

Today the art club met after school with Mrs. Regan to discuss a plan to create new wall art for the guidance office. The guidance department hopes with the help of the art club to spruce up the plain white walls that currently border the guidance wing.

Mrs. Regan, along with other counselors, designed a simple plan to highlight certain sections of the office. Above the two bulletin boards that face the entrance door, will be bold words that read scholarship programs and summer programs. Also, above the right hand bookcase will be the words college information. The bold, yet clear words, will direct students to the right location, as well as add d├ęcor to the room.

The art club also discussed possible topics to correlate the three titles. Although a definite focus was not chosen, the guidance department wants the theme to be universal and one that does not age quickly. One probable theme that was presented was to create a mural that consists of traditional college buildings. Another credible idea that was suggested is to add an educational quote around the perimeter that promotes learning. After brainstorming more possible ideas, the club intends to meet sometime next week to continue the planning process.

With a great plan and team work, the art club will soon begin brightening the guidance office with impressive art work.