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Agape Christian Fellowship prays around flagpole

It’s not everyday that students and faculty witness a group circling the flagpole praying upon entering the school through the main entrance.

However, despite curious glances by onlookers, this morning, beginning at 7 a.m., members of the Cherry Hill East Agape Christian Fellowship gathered together to pray at the flagpole.

About fifteen people attended. Participants sat in a circle, held hands and focused on prayer. They prayed silently, with interludes of certain members sharing their thoughts aloud.

The event was advertised through Facebook as “See You At The Pole,” in observing the worldwide event happening at schools through their Agape Christian Fellowships. Cherry Hill East’s Agape Fellowship has hosted this event for at least the past four years.

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During the prayer circle, John Han (’11), a club leader, said, “We can just pray for You anywhere, and we are grateful that we don’t get persecuted here [at our school] for being Christian. No matter how hard the school year gets, let us be grateful to be able to pray and just to live.”

“Doing this gives us a chance to meet for group prayer in honor of our school, our country and our personal lives,” Laura An (’11), another club leader. “Praying as a group helps God hear us.”

After concluding their prayers, members of the Agape Fellowship joined together for a picture containing the group and the flag, symbolizing the freedoms our nation provides for assembly and exhibition of religious beliefs.

“In our daily lives, so many people are afraid to pray,” said Han, citing this as a reason for participating in See You At The Pole.

Members of the Agape Christian Fellowship reminded the East community this morning of the many sources of support that can be found as a new school year begins.

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    Rabbi Andrew BossovOct 9, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    I appreciate the students’ comments and approach. Indeed, we should all be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.