Adam Leibowitz leads the Class of 2025 through a successful school year


Lucas Tang ('23)

Adam Leibowitz (’25) performing in this years Spirit Week Dance.

“It feels good being able to represent my class and act as a voice of the people in my grade,” says the President for the Class of 2025, Adam Leibowitz (‘25).
Leibowitz tells Eastside Online about some of the new and exciting improvements, such as Dress Code revaluation and improved Class Apparel, which he hopes to introduce soon. With comfortable clothing being one of the most popular fashion statements at East, Leibowitz talks about his plans for a new set of exciting Class Merchandise to drop. Speaking of clothing, Leibowitz also talks about how he is trying to make the student Dress Code more lenient so that students are able to more appropriately express themselves.
When asked about funding for his class, Leibowitz says that he expects to raise money from the popular Krispy Kreme donut sale fundraiser. Students will be able to order online and then pick up their donuts in school during lunch. The money from this fundraiser will go directly back towards the Class of 2025, which will help pay for class dances, graduation, and the class’s Senior Trip.
“At Beck I was a senator, which sparked my love for the leadership role,” says Leibowitz. He also says that he wanted to continue to lead because “getting involved was the only way to go,” in order to continue his passion for being a part of Student Government and influencing other people.
In addition to having a passion for Student Government, Leibowitz says he enjoys being on the Varsity Swim Team at East, which he juggles with his rigorous swim schedule at South Jersey Aquatic Club (SJAC) and schoolwork.
“You can’t over-stress yourself because then you won’t be able to do your best work,” Leibowitz says.
He copes with this stress by going to the gym, playing basketball, and spending time with his friends.
Finally, he hopes to continue his swimming career in a college where he can also focus on his academics. When asked what advice he had for students, Leibowitz tells his class to “take it one day at a time.”