A preview of Multicultural Day

As Multicultural Day 2009 nears, the students and staff in charge are taking care of critical pre-show preparations.  Today, March 31, MCD faculty chairperson, Mrs. Linda Heath and co-header of the MCD museum, Ms. Emily Cajigas,  met with several MCD participants in Cafeteria 1 to time the various performances.  Timing the acts in advance is necessary, according to Heath, because in the past certain performances turned out to be longer than production managers had anticipated, thus throwing off the schedule of the rest of the MDC show. 

So far in the MCD process, nine different groups are signed up to participate in the show: 

Break Dancing Club: Performing a dance resembling to a battle scene.  

Chinese Cultural Dance Club: Performing a Chinese fan dance.  

Chinese Culture Club: Singing and displaying skills using the Chinese yo-yo.  

Chansons: Performing “Hotanu Koi,” using candles in the dark to represent fireflies, in addition to a more spiritual song, “My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord.” 

Indian Culture Society: Presenting a modern dance.  

Korean Culture Club: Executing a traditional drum dance. 

Mr. Leonard’s Inspirational Ensemble: Singing four songs, including “September,” “Waiting on the World to Change,” “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” and “Everybody Knows,” will which be performed by soloist, Justin Parker (’10).  

African American Culture Club: Presenting a dance about the evolution of the culture from the 80’s through the present day.