Tie-Dye fills the halls at East


Photo by David Linsky ('14)/ Eastside Business Manager.

From left: Sam Amon(’15) and Ross Peterzell (’14).

The hallways at Cherry Hill East today looked like they did back when it was founded in 1967 as tie-dye clothing flowed throughout the school. The Senior class continued their dominance in spirit week with a first play finish for the tie-dye dress up. Coming in second place was the Freshman class, followed by the Juniors, and once again lastly the Sophomores.

The Class of 2014 has won both dress up days so far in this year’s spirit week competition. As for the Junior, Sophomore, and Freshmen classes, their finishes today also mirror yesterday’s results.

School president, Ross Peterzell (’14) said, “I feel our class has become closer during spirit week and I would not be surprised if we won the dress up competition everyday.”

Plenty of students participated in the dress up day by wearing tie-dye which demonstrated the unity not only between classes but a school as a whole. For the rest of spirit week the other classes will be trying to stop the undefeated Senior class in the dress up competition.

Do not forget tomorrow’s dress up is theme day.