Seniors pull their way to triumph


Photo by Meghna Kothari ('15)/ Eastside News/Features Editor.

Senior girls giving it their all against the Sophomore girls.

Spirit Week began on Wednesday and students of every grade have been excited with this year’s theme of Cereal. With dress-up days, such as College Day, Tie-Dye Day, and Army (Camo) Day and activities such as volleyball and crab soccer, students are as enthusiastic as ever.

Tug-of-War took place today in the DiBart gym during Lunch break 1 and 2.

Senior boys and girls dominated in both their divisions of the event following freshmen boys and junior girls who also won. The line-up was (with winner bolded):

Junior girls vs. Freshmen girls

Junior boys vs. Freshmen boys

Senior girls vs. Sophomore girls

Senior boys vs. Sophomore boys

The winners will be participating in the play-offs at the pep ralley on Wednesday in the East gym. Junior girls will be playing against Senior girls and Freshman boys will be playing against Senior boys. It will definitely be an intense event to watch!