Mother Nature: Please Read This Letter

There is always a constant reminder that we need to help the environment and save “Mother Nature.” She is supposedly this image of a creature that controls the weather, nature and essentially the Earth.

If this spiritual person exists, then there are multiple occasions when I have to say that she deserves a suspension or some type of detention for the poor weather conditions.

Mother Nature, if you ever end up reading this letter, then I would definitely recommend these simple rules to help you receive less complaints in the future:

  1. Events: Please plan ahead or let the public know what days you plan on having an intense rainstorm because I, along with everyone else, will definitely coordinate plans around it. Although there are people who can predict the forecast, they are not always accurate. There are so many special occasions that are planned to be held outside, so heavy rainstorms not only ruin hair, but can ruin an entire event.  If people knew the days when the weather would be poor, many event disasters will be avoided.
  2. Natural Disasters: In the past there have been tragic hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and since you, Mother Nature, are held accountable for those actions, it would be wise for you to look at the consequences. While I know that certain disasters are necessary to protect the environment, please see the rule above. Warn people when and where these disasters will occur. Too many people have experienced devastating loss to life due to natural disasters. Have people not suffered enough?
  3. Focus Your Efforts: There are many places around the world that have fertile ground and that are able to produce sufficient food for the inhabitants. However, there are also many places around the world that are barren and the people who live in these areas are hungry. Please spread your good nature evenly throughout the world so that world hunger becomes a problem of the past.

In return, we, the people, will try our best to protect your home. By working together, all countries will try to stop the exorbitant amount of pollution that we have caused you. We will try to reduce the industrial areas and sites so that we can make your planet into a better place. Overall, we promise that we will stand by you and help make your home and our planet a safer, more friendly environment.