Eastside responds to Goldstone Report commentaries

On November 10, a commentary was written in favor of the Goldstone Report.  Another commentary written against the Goldstone Report was posted shortly thereafter.

Although the ideas expressed in each commentary belonged to the individual authors and not Eastside itself, we are aware that people’s feelings were hurt because of some of the content which they deemed inappropriate.

As a result, dissent has arisen amongst certain members of the student body, and for that we are sorry.  We believe that it is in the best interest of Cherry Hill East and the Cherry Hill community to remove both online commentaries from Eastside Online so that further disruptions do not arise.

We hope that you accept our apologies.

Mr. Greg Gagliardi, Eastside Advisor

Devon Braunstein, Managing Editor

Rob Incollingo, Editor-in-Chief

Amanda Michelson, Editor-in-Chief

Sari Soffer, Editor-in-Chief