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You wanna be on top?: America’s Next Top Model All Stars, episode 8

Episode eight opens up with a very proud Lisa. “I was super relieved because I won best photo which is awesome. I think that once you’re on top, there is definitely a lot of pressure to stay up there, but I just think that it’s karma and I’m getting what I deserve,” she said of her accomplishment.

Instead of going off to do another challenge, Jay Manuel pops by the ladies’ house to announce that they will have the opportunity to write and record their own songs with the assistance of music producer Tom Polce. Also, the ladies will star in their very own music video in place of a photo shoot. “This [challenge] is about branding as a celebrity. It’s not just about modeling,” Angelea said.

While most of the ladies get enthusiastic about their next “All Star” task, Allison immediately panics. “[The challenge] is excellent for people who sing. I don’t sing,” she said.

Both Lisa and Angelea’s lyrics stand out to Polce, but he deems Lisa the challenge winner allowing her to bring her fiancé over as a reward.

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Next up is the recording studio. Allison calms down a little bit after choosing to dedicate her song to her father who passed away; she even ends up impressing Polce with her delivery. Hailing as the winner of yet another challenge, Lisa continues to wow her opponents not only in the recording studio, but also at the video shoot. “I just want everyone to see I’m the queen of all trades and that there’s nothing I love doing more than performing,” she said.

Recording artist Game, internet sensation Keenan Cahill and Tyra Banks stop by at the set. Game gives the ladies some tips on how to execute their performance on screen, but not everyone was keen on taking it. “Alexandria was so awkward and rigid in taking direction,” Jay Manuel said.

Allison, on the other hand, nails her video after some encouraging support from Game who empathized with her loss.

Although she had been the most intimidated about the challenge, Allison ends up winning best photo at panel. Lisa ends up winning second best photo although she clearly aimed for first place. Alexandria, however, finds herself in the bottom two alongside Angelea. Although Angelea had been in the bottom two three times, Tyra spared her solely because her video came out better than Alexandria’s.

“I’m still very proud of myself, and what I accomplished with myself this week is a great learning experience and I’ve gotten to experience some amazing things that would have taken me a couple years to do by myself,” Alexandria said.

Like Bianca’s elimination in the week prior, Alexandria’s elimination was not surprising. She never stood out as the one to beat. Nevertheless, the episode was extremely fun to watch. Viewers got more insight on Allison and her personal loss. Also, the video shoot was a nice change of pace from the typical photo shoot every week, and it was interesting seeing the ladies in a different element.

Rating: 9/10


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