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You wanna be on top?: America’s Next Top Model All Stars, Episode 6

Episode 6 opens up with Bre confessing that she had spent a lot of time protecting Bianca throughout the competition. “I took time off of thinking about myself, and now I put myself in jeopardy. I’m not spending [any] time thinking about the next person and what they’re doing. I’m focused on me,” she said.

Shortly after, the ladies are sent off to their next challenge. The eliminated girls return temporarily to join the girls in a game of flag football. They are then split into two separate teams: the red team and the blue team. NFL players, Julian Edelman (New England Patriots), Jahvid Best (Detroit Lions), Kareem Jackson (Houston Texans) and Dante Hughes (San Diego Chargers) also tag along for some fun.

This is a model competition, though, so the ladies were also given a photo challenge in between. Each girl was called at separate times, in the midst of the game, to strike a pose for the camera. The blue team walked away with the win, splitting five thousand dollars between two different charity organizations, and Kayla walked away crowned with having the best photo. As a result, she had the opportunity to model for Tyra Banks’ website, typef.

The competition turns extremely aggressive at the ladies’ next photo shoot. Given the theme of a bar fight, the ladies not only have to work in pairs, but alongside supermodel Coco Rocha as well. “Coco’s the real deal. This girl is the queen of posing,” Angelea said.

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Ironically, Shannon and Bianca are paired together after their dispute last week, although they both claim they over what happened. Allison and Kayla struggle to get it together in their photo shoot. Allison, in particular, just seemed completely off guard although she delivers some of the best photos each week. Angelea starts to feel the pressure of the competition and begins crying in the middle of her photo shoot. “I feel like no matter what I do, it just seems like it’s not good enough,” she said.

After a pep talk from Jay Manuel, however, Angelea returns to set as a fierce diva, impressing both Jay and photographer Douglas Friedman alike. Bre and Alexandria, on the other hand, fail to do so. While Bre tries to express emotion by constantly screaming, she instead ends up scaring Rocha to the point where even she had no idea how to pose.

Dominique and Lisa compliment Rocha the best in the photographs, unlike the pairs before them, which lands them with the best photos at panel. Bre and her partner, Alexandria, find themselves in the bottom two, however. Tyra comments on how both ladies actually performed at higher standards on their previous cycles than they had on All Stars. In the end, Bre is sent home.

“I’m proud of myself for wanting to finish what I started so many years ago, and I feel like every day I gave one hundred percent, and whether the judges saw that or not is out of my hands, but, for me, I can leave here knowing that I didn’t substitute and try to be someone else to be liked,” she said.

Compared to last week’s episode, this episode was just okay. Nearly all of the ladies delivered their best in the Michael Jackson tribute. In this photo shoot, however, many girls slipped back into mundane habits. While Bre did get eliminated, there were too many possible candidates for her position. As models, these ladies lack consistency. Some weeks they perform poorly, and in other weeks they perform like the all-stars they are supposed to be. Hopefully, they will bounce back from the mediocrity in the weeks to come.


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