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What’s new on Degrassi: Season 10, Episodes 25 and 26

Cherry Hill East students: my name is Jordyn, and from this day on, I will be providing you with everything Degrassi.

Before the season break, there were several significant events that caused Principal Simpson to say that after the students came back from winter break there would be a lot of changes. The finale focused on the ‘Night at Vegas’ dance. Alli and Drew are dating, but Drew previously had oral relations with Bianca in the boiler room, and Alli found out he cheated. She almost retaliates by cheating on Drew with Owen to make Drew jealous, but people get the wrong message. Jenna is pregnant with KC’s baby, but nobody knows yet. There was a fight between Eli and Fitz, and Fitz pulled a knife on Eli. The cops caught Holly J and Sav, who are now ‘dating’, stripping in an empty classroom.

Don’t Let Me Get Me, pt. 1 (Episode 1025)

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During Winter Break, after all the events from the Vegas dance, Degrassi went through some severe changes. The episode starts when Alli and Clare realize that Simpson was serious – cops are at the school, everyone must wear uniforms and student ID’s, and there are metal detectors that students have to go through before they are allowed to enter the school. Drew comes up, and pulls Alli aside, and Alli decides not to give him another chance. Meanwhile, Simpson is still disappointed in President Sav and VP Holly J for their incident, and has them broadcast the new rules of the school during announcements. Alli says she’s somewhat excited about this “new Degrassi” because she can stop living a ‘double-life,’ and she joins the Science club with Wesley, Connor and Adam, in which Alli becomes the captain. Mr. Simpson calls Alli to the office, and tells her she has to attend a self-esteem seminar because of the boiler room rumors. Alli later finds out Bianca will be attending too and that it’s only for girls.

courtesy of, Alli and Drew discuss their relationship in front of the school

At the seminar, Alli and Bianca are both bored and do not believe they belong there, which triggers a fight between the two. When Bianca leaves the room, Alli steals her phone and forwards racy photos of Bianca to the whole school. Meanwhile, Jenna has been rehearsing for ‘Next Teen Star’ – a show similar to American Idol that she has been on. Jenna’s up against another contestant who is glamorous and seems to be getting more votes. And, when the producer tells Jenna she’s boring, Jenna confides in Chantay, in which Chantay responds that Jenna has to bring on drama. That night, KC, the father of Jenna’s baby, is out to eat with his mom and watching Jenna on the show. Jenna reveals on live TV that she’s pregnant, much to KC’s dismay, and his mother’s since she had no idea of the baby.

Don’t Let Me Get Me, pt. 2 (Episode 1026)

When Alli and Sav’s dad drops them off at school, Drew goes to talk to Alli. Because Mr. Bhandari doesn’t permit his kids to have boyfriends or girlfriends, Alli covers it up because she had decided to give Drew a second chance. In Science club, Connor gets a text: the one with the photos of Bianca that Alli had sent. Alli thinks it’s funny, but Bianca knows who sent it. The girls get into a fight in the classroom, which results in suspension. Mr. Simpson shows up, saying he’s calling their parents. In the Principal’s office, Simpson tells the Bhandaris what their daughter did. When Alli’s parents see her record, they discover that she has forged a Doctor’s note to get out of class so she could go to a clinic, and ‘sexted.’ Alli confesses all of her secrets to her parents, and, of course, they are extremely disappointed with her. Then, Alli suggests that they enroll her in an all girl’s school. The next day, she tells Drew that they are over and Clare that she loves her and they’ll always be best friends as she packs up her locker. Now that everyone knows about Jenna’s pregnancy, she’s getting a lot of attention- which should be good for her contest, right? Jenna meets KC at The Dot after school to talk with him and his mom. Jenna tells them she’s convinced she’ll win the show, especially with the pregnancy and leaves. That night, she finds out she’s been kicked off the show. She apologizes to KC and his mother, and tells them she needs their help. The next day at school, KC and Jenna put aside their differences.

courtesy of, Jenna performs onstage for 'Next Teen Star'

Review: My rating: 7.5/10. Can’t wait for Friday!

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    Jacqui TobolskyNov 1, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    I loved the article about Degrassi. I am very proud of my daughter’s writing abilites and hope she has much success in her future! <3