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What’s New On Degrassi: Season 10, Episodes 27 and 28

Courtesy of, Declan and Holly J discuss their relationship

Love Lockdown, pt. 1 (Episode 1027)

Air Date: October 15

Summary: The infamous Declan Coyne is finally back from New York to win the heart of Holly J Sinclair, once again. After they broke up during the summer, Holly J has been with Degrassi’s big-shot president, Sav Bhandari. She almost completely forgot about Declan. When, Declan takes Holly J out for lunch, he is hoping to rekindle their flame, but is totally shut down when she tells him about Sav. Later that night, everyone attends the school theatre awards for Declan’s play that he directed with the help of Holly J. Once he wins the award, he honors Holly J in his speech and after the show tells Holly J and Sav that he is throwing a huge party back at his place. At the party, Declan tells his twin (Fiona) his big plan to get back Holly J. Sav goes upstairs to work Declan’s DJ booth, which is when Declan takes advantage of the chance to speak to Holly J. She tells him she’s not interested and that he needs to move on. After everyone leaves, Holly J tells Sav she’s going to stick behind and help Declan take care of Fiona, who is drunk. Declan and HJ sit on the couch and talk about Fiona, which ends up into Declan kissing HJ even though she feels wrong. One thing leads to another, and…… Onto other events, Principal Simpson wants to shut down all after school activities, including Power Squad. Chantay just became captain, and that’s so not fair to her! She posts a sticky-note in the bathroom saying “Degrassi sucks!” Hopefully, Simpson will take her side.  Clare’s parents have been fighting and insisted on talking to her after the awards. But she feels uncomfortable, and leaves the awards and blows off her parents to go out on her first date with Eli. She stays out way past her curfew to upset her parents a little more. She and Eli decide to get matching cartilage piercings! When she gets home, it satisfies her to know her parents are mad at her for a change, instead of at each other.

Review: 8 out of 10

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Love Lockdown, pt. 2 (Episode 1028)

Air Date: October 22

Summary: Declan thinks Holly J and him have finally gotten back together- but does HJ feel the same? She feels horrible because she cheated on Sav. Declan starts making plans to come back to Degrassi, so they can finally be together again; but, Holly J has been avoiding Declan, and tells Fiona how she feels- she felt rushed, and never wanted to have sex with Declan that night. After Fiona relays the message to Declan, he realizes what he may have done. He books a flight back to New York, and knows he can’t face Holly J. But, when she shows up at the condo, he’s forced to. She tells him she was accepted into Yale, too, like they’ve planned to do for a while. She also says although what they did was a mistake, she doesn’t want to get back together, but she hopes they can still remain friends. Moving on, Chantay’s act of posting the sticky note results in all students voicing their opinions. People in the bathroom stall have been posting so many responses on Post-its, and they are meeting at the Dot café to discuss what they can do to get their clubs back. Chantay takes everyone’s sticky notes about extracurricular activities, and decides to cover every inch of Simpson’s car with it, which ends up convincing him to yield to their requests. Next, Clare knows her parents are getting a divorce, but she just can’t face the facts. She brings Eli to her house for dinner, which he thinks is to meet her parents but she turns it into another fight. She makes Eli look stupid in an effort to upset her parents, upsetting Eli along the way. The next day, she shows up in school ignoring the school uniform code, to be a ‘rebel’ and to ‘live dangerously’ with Eli. Eli disagrees and decides to

Courtesy of, Eli eats dinner with Clare and her family

abide by the rules, and tells Clare that he can’t help her with her parents and she has to deal with them herself.

Review: 7 out of 10

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